Worthing Indoor Bowls Club

Club Prices

Joining Fee
A one off payment of £75 is required to join WIBC - discount rate for 2018 (£40.00)
Annual Subscription
This is payable annually in September (£120.00)
Junior Membership (18 & under)
Free (£0.00)
Playing Members Spouse (no bowls)
Permits full use of our catering and social facilities. (£10.00)
Social/Lunch Club Members (no bowls)
There is limited availability for non playing social members. (£40.00)
Locker Rental (metal)
Larger metal lockers. (£7.00)
Locker Rental (wooden)
Smaller wooden lockers. (£5.00)
Rink Fee
This is payable by each player for a session normally lasting 2 hours. (£2.00)
Rink Tickets
Books of 10 tickets may be purchased from the office or bar, a saving of £2. (£18.00)
Sussex Patrons
For those wishing to support and play for Sussex Patrons (£2.00)